JLAB_CHANGES is in the main directory of jLab.

 JLAB_CHANGES   Changes to JLAB in each release.
    Changes new in version 1.7.2
    This version contains a completely refactored mapping package jMap,
    with considerable speed and memory improvements, a new, simpler, and
    more general formulation of the mapping kernel, major new options, and
    several bug fixes.     
    polymap       - Mapping using local polynomial fitting, also known as loess. 
    pm_apply      - Apply weights to data to generate a local polynomial fit.     
    pm_index      - Applies an index output by PM_SORT to sort data for POLYMAP.  
    pm_kernmom    - Moments of smoothing kernels for local polynomial fitting.    
    pm_sort       - Sort data points according to distance from grid points in 2D.
    pm_weight     - Weighting function for local polynomial fitting.              
    pm_window     - Remove data outside of time window for POLYMAP.      
    pm_robust     - Returns a weighting function used in robustifying POLYMAP.
    Changes and improvements:
    WAVETRANS normalization change for complex-valued signals.
    VINDEX refactorization.
    MATINV convention change such that the matrices to be inverted occupy
        the first two, rather than the last two, dimensions.
    MATERNFIT documentation error for spectrum of noise component fixed;
         it should be DT*EPSILON^2.  Thanks to S. Elipot the bug report.
    SLIDETRANS was outdated and has been removed.
    SPHERESORT, TWODSORT, and POLYSMOOTH documentation improvements and 
        bugfixes to support the "One grid, many fields" POLYSMOOTH option.
    POLYSMOOTH refactorization and speed improvements.
    POLYSMOOTH bugfix for spatially-varying bandwidth.
    POLYSMOOTH now uses a general, two-parameter kernel formulation. 
    POLYSMOOTH now supports both a spatially bandwidth and spatially 
        varying kernel properties.
    POLYSMOOTH is now quiet, rather than verbose, by default.
    POLYSMOOTH now includes an option for a guaranteed minimum population.
    POLSYMOOTH now supports the use of equivalent kernels for a
        considerable acceleration mapping repeated designs.
    TWODSORT and SPHERESORT have been refactored and combined into the new
        function PM_SORT.
    INTERPLATLON bugfix for the fact that the longitude being interpolated 
        from may start at an arbitrary value, not necessarily -180 or 0.
    INTERPLATLON added option to pass interpolation method to INTERP2/3.
    COLORQUANT bugfix.
    JPRINT changed to work with R2022b.
    ELLIPSEPLOT bugfix.
    Removed functions:
    POLYSMOOTH has been completely refactored and renamed POLYMAP.
    TWODSORT and SPHERESORT have been refactored and combined into PM_SORT.
    MATMULT has been removed.  Use the faster built-in Matlab function
        PAGEMTIMES for this functionality instead. 
    Changes new in version 1.7.1
    Code in support of three new publications, see JLAB_MAKEFIGS:
    Lilly and Perez-Brunius (2021b). Extracting statistically significant 
        eddy signals from large Lagrangian datasets, with application to 
        the Gulf of Mexico. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 28: 181–212.
    Lilly and Perez-Brunius (2021a). A gridded surface current product for
        the Gulf of Mexico from consolidated  drifter measurements.  
        Earth System Science Data, 13: 64–669.
    Lilly, J. M. and S. Elipot (2021). A unifying perspective on transfer
        function solutions to the unsteady Ekman problem.  Fluids, 6 (2): 
        85, 1–36. 
    Major new functions for Ekman theory and for Lagrangian eddy analysis:
    windtrans     - Ekman-like transfer-functions for the wind-driven response.
    eddyridges    - Coherent eddy ridges from Lagrangian trajectories.   
    noisedrifters - Create a noise Lagrangian dataset matching mean and variance.
    eddylevels    - Eddy ridge significance levels using the survival function.
    griddrifters  - Average drifter velocities onto a space/time 3D grid.
    Other new functions:
    spheretrans   - Wavelet transform for oscillations on the surface of a sphere.
    ridgemult     - Ridge multiplicity, the number of simultaneous ridges present.
    catstruct     - Concatenates the array elements of a cell array of structures.
    structindex   - Applies an index to all array-valued fields in a structure.
    mconf         - Confidence intervals for the multitaper spectral estimate.
    chisquared    - The chi-squared distribution.
    eddyfit2d     - Least squares fit of 2D velocity data to an eddy profile.
    simpleddy     - Streamfunction, velocity, and vorticity for various eddy profiles.
    monthstats    - Mean month and standard deviation using circular statistics.
    jhanning      - Hanning window.
    celldot       - Dot product for arrays of column vectors.
    haxby         - The Haxby colormap.  
    seminfhaxby   - The seminf-Haxby colormap.
    Updated datasets:  
    JTOPO global topography is now at 1/12th resolution.
    Changes and improvements:
    SLEPTAP vast speed improvements for handling multiple time series.
    LINECOLOR bugfixes.
    PRINTALL organization improvement and bugfix for R2020a.
    MATERNFIT now includes an option to average over ensemble members.
         for real-valued as well as complex-valued processes, and input 
         argument changes. 
    MSPEC now uses two-sided, not one-sided, normalization for real data.
    POLYSMOOTH considerable speed improvements. 
    SPHERESORT and TWODSORT improvements and major change to output format.
    SPHERELAP now computes all the terms in the Hessian matrix.
    AB2KL bugfix for B=0.
    READTOPO bugfixes when using interpolation option.
    PERIODINDEX new, faster algorithm based on ridge age.
    VMOMENT bugfix affecting all odd moments.
    LETTERLABELS bugfix to avoid legend handles, if present. 
    CELLPACK functionality change to key off of the first input argument.
    VSTD redefined for complex-valued arguments.
    YEARFRAC bugfix for NUM consisting of a ND array.
    ELLROSSBY new definition of Rossby number based on inferred vorticity.
    TRAJEXTRACT and POLYSMOOTH bugfixes for sample figures. 
    TWODSTATS and TWODMED fixed sample figures.
    LINECOLOR can now take either a colormap matrix or a name as input.
    NCINTERP now handles either latitude-first or longitude-first formats.
    NCLOAD can now handle filenames including hyphens '-'.
    NCLOAD now supports cell conversion for the 'trajectory' feature type.
    NCLOAD now converts all non-double numeric variables into doubles.
    NCLOAD is now self-contained.
    Changes new in version 1.6.6
    Figure making for a new publications:
    Lilly (2018).  Kinematics of a fluid ellipse in a linear flow. Fluids, 
         3 (1) 16: 1--29.
    New functions:
    jfig         - Shorthand for tweaking figures.
    jprint       - Print to a specified directory and crop the resulting file.
    ncload       - Load all variables from a NetCDF file and unpack any columns.
    ridgetrim    - Trim edge effect regions from wavelet ridges.
    colorquant   - Set the color axis according to quantiles of the data.
    ellpol       - Polarization parameters of an elliptical signal.
    printall     - Print and close all open figures.
    cellmed      - Median value of each element a cell array.
    cellsum      - Sum of each element a cell array, possibly weighted.
    interplatlon - Interpolation for working with latitude and longitude.
    jhanning      - Hanning window.
    Updated datasets:  All datasets now include both a mat-file version and
         a NetCDF version.  The NetCDF versions are larger but load faster.
         Use the jLab routine NCLOAD to load a whole NetCDF file at once.
    floats.mat and floats.nc     - Major update to the historical dataset of 
         eddy-resolving subsurface floats.  See about_floats.
    drifters.mat and drifters.nc - The global surface drifter dataset, 
        updated through April 1, 2018.  See about_drifters.
    tpjaos.mat and tpjaos.nc     - Alongtrack SSH anomalies from the 
        Beckley dataset, updated through May 30, 2018.  See about_tpjaos.
    sandwell.mat and sandwell.nc - One minute resolution topography data 
        from Smith and Sandwell. See about_sandwell.
    ibcao.mat and ibcao.nc       -  International Bathymetric Chart of the 
       Arctic Ocean topography. See about_ibcao.
    Major bugfix:
    SPHERELAP for computing the Laplacian in spherical geometry 
    unfortunately had a major bug in earlier versions that rendered its
    output incorrect.  This has been corrected in version 1.6.6.
    Changes and improvements:
    VSIZE changed to return 1's rather than 0's for singular dimensions.
    NCINTERP bugfix to correctly handle [-180,180] or [0,360] longitudes.
    NCINTERP buxfix affecting processing chunks in non-periodic domains.
    ELLIPSEPLOT bugfix for interacting with M_MAP.
    JLAB_ADDPATH bugfix to add root JDATA directory.
    MSPEC now computes the spectrum along an arbitrary dimension.
    MSPEC now removes the mean by default, but no longer detrends.
    ANATRANS improved to correctly handle the Nyquist frequency.
    DIVGEOM now handles different DX and DY; note input argument change.
    FINDFILES bugfix for 'include' and 'exclude' flags.  
    TOPOPLOT no longer plots continental shelves by default.
    CELLGRID now accepts array-valued DT arguments.
    CELLSPLIT now accepts array-valued TOL arguments.
    TWODSTATS bugfix for complex-valued input using HISTCOUNTS2 algorithm.
    MATINV now works for matrices up to dimension 12. 
    LATLON2XY added new correction for small angles and additional tests.
    SPHERESORT and TWODSORT now have options for truncating size of output.
    POLYSMOOTH has major changes, including speed and memory improvements.
    MATERNFIT now supports using NLopt, https://nlopt.readthedocs.io. 
    MATERNFIT now works using Nelder-Mead without the Optimization Toolbox. 
    MATERNFIT corrections to AICC output field.
    RIDGEWALK now supports trimming edge effects using RIDGETRIM.
    RIDGEWALK simplifications and speed improvements.
    RIDGEWALK bugfix to sample figure generation.
    PERIODINDEX simplifications and bugfix.
    FOURIER now outputs one- or two-sided frequency arrays.
    FOURIER outputs a cell array of frequency arrays given vector input.
    CELLFILL, -STRIP, and -PACK now use INFs (not NaNs) as the data flag.
    CELLMEAN and -STD now support weighted means and standard deviations.
    ELLPARAMS input format simplifications.
    READTOPO bugfixes and additional testing.
    Changes new in version 1.6.5
    Support for a new publication, see module jMatern:
    Lilly, Sykulski, Early, and Olhede (2017).  Fractional Brownian motion,
       the Matern process, and stochastic modeling of turbulent dispersion.
       Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 24: 481--514.
    New functions:
    maternfit  - Parametric spectral fit to the Matern form. [with A. Sykulski]
    Changes and improvements:
    XTICK, YTICK, ZTICK bugfix for specifying empty tickmark sets.  
    FINDFILES now has an option to ignore all directories named 'private'.
    STANDALONE bugfix for recursive searches and support for files lists.
    STANDALONE now uses 'private' sub-directory for dependency files.
    Changes new in version 1.6.4
    PROVEC now expecting sampling interval as first argument, in hours.
    STICKVECT bugfix for cutting off the end of the time series.
    STICKVECT improved commenting for how to choose the scale factor SCALE.
    Changes new in version 1.6.3
    This is a major new release, which includes the following changes:
    Support for a new publication, see module jWavelet:
    Lilly (2017).  Element analysis: a wavelet-based method for analyzing
       time-localized events in noisy time series. Submitted.  Available at
    New functions for element analysis using generalized Morse wavelets:
    transmax     - Locates modulus maximum points of wavelet transform.
    transmaxdist - Distributions of wavelet transform maxima in noise.
    morseregion  - Generalized Morse wavelet time-frequency concentration region.
    isomax       - Returns those transform maxima that are isolated from others.
    maxprops     - Returns properties of wavelet transform maxima.
    max2eddy     - Converts transform maxima into oceanic coherent eddy properties.
    New function for fast, accurate remapping of non-plaid grids on the sphere:
    sphereinterp  - Fast linear interpolation on the sphere from non-plaid grids.
    Updated datasets:
    drifters.mat  - The global surface drifter dataset from NOAA's Global
         Drifter Program, updated through Sept. 2016.  See about_drifters.
    tpjaos.mat    - Alongtrack sea surface height anomalies from the 
         Beckley dataset, updated through Oct. 12, 2016.  See about_tpjaos.
    Changes and improvements:
    JPCOLOR now SQUEEZEs input arguments by default. 
    POLYSMOOTH improved organization of output arguments, speed improvments,
         and improved documentation.
    SPHERESORT fixed a bug in the parallelized version that led to a shift
         in output arguments if the output included empty latitude bands.  
    LATLON2UV improvemented argument handling for matrix input.
    NCINTERP now supports input longitudes as [-180,180] or [0, 360].
    YEARFRAC now passes Inf values through, as well as NaNs.
    ELLIPSEPLOT and LINESTYLE now support the new Matlab colors.
    RIDGEWALK now supports cell array input.
    READTOPO bugfix for longitude regions spanning 360 degrees.
    MORSEHIGH simplifications.
    MORSESPACE minor re-definition of low-frequency cutoff parameter.
    VSUM modified for backwards compatibility with earlier Matlab versions.
    DAWSON has been renamed JDAWSON, to avoid confusion with Matlab's
         version in the Symbolic Math Toolbox. 
    SLEPTAP added sign check for non-interpolated data tapers.
    Changes new in version 1.6.2 
    This is a major new release, which includes the following changes:
    Support for a new publication, see module jMatern:
    Lilly, Sykulski, Early, and Olhede (2016).  Fractional Brownian motion,
       the Matern process, and stochastic modeling of turbulent dispersion.
       Available at http://jmlilly.net/jmlpubs.html.   
    New functions:
    ncinterp      - Interpolate field from NetCDF file onto specified positions.
    cellget       - Indexes a cell array of numerical arrays by ID number.
    cellimit      - Limits the ranges of times in a cell array of numerical arrays.
    cellstd       - Standard deviation of each element a cell array.
    cellpack      - Removes all NaN values from cell arrays of numeric arrays.
    degunwrap     - Unwraps arrays given in degrees.
    trackextract  - Extracts alongtrack altimetry segments within given region.
    Changes and improvements:
    DRIFTERS.MAT is now updated with data through December 2015.
    ABOUT_DRIFTERS contains updated and simplified internal processing.
    TPJAOS.MAT updated through November 2015.
    TWOSPECPLOT bugfix for omitting tidal lines.
    TWOSPECPLOT bugfix swapping Cartesian spectra.
    POLYSMOOTH corrected to account for missing data values in sorted input.
    TRACKEXTRACT now strips out any empty tracks in the region.
    JPCOLOR now works for non-uniformly spaced axis arrays.
    NCINTERP is now greatly accelerated by loading large chunks into memory.
    PERIODINDEX updated to handle new format output but RIDGEWALK.
    CELLPLOT bugfix to handle empty cells.
    YEARFRAC modified to handle potential empty cells.
    RIDGEWALK output formats simplified.
    CELL2COL and COL2CELL now work with arrays having multiple columns.
    LETTERLABELS updated for recent changes to handle graphics conventions.
    TOPOPLOT now supports linestyles in LINESTYLE format.
    TOPOPLOT bugfix for x-axis limits exceeding 360 degrees.
    TOPOPLOT bugfix when contours are input. 
    CELLFILL bugfix to prevent transposition of cell arrays.
    CELLGRID, CELLMEAN, CELLSTD, and SAMPLETIMES now support parallelization.
    CELLGRID bugfix for data containing some or all NANs.  
    CELLGRID now uses the 'pchip' method by default, as does CELLFILL.
    CELLPACK bugfix to address inaccurate report of points filled.
    LATLON2UV now optionally returns the acceleration.
    LATLON2UV bugfix for empty or length one datasets.
    LATLON2UV now longer has the option to return U and V separately. 
    LANSEY bugfix for returning specified size of colormap.
    TRAJFILL has been removed.  Use CELLFILL instead. 
    TRAJEXTRACT can now handle input numerical arrays such as ID number.
    TRAJEXTRACT input argument order change.
    TRAJEXTRACT now supports variable overwriting.
    TRAJCHUNK bugfix for length one or zero cell elements. 
    TRAJCHUNK can now handle input numerical arrays such as ID number. 
    TWOSPECPLOT changes to make it easier to overlay spectral plots.
    MATERNCHOL bugfix for numerical noise in imaginary part of matrix.
    VMEAN, VSUM, VMOMENT, and VSTD speed improvements.
    VMEAN, VSUM, VMOMENT, and VSTD now no longer exclude Infs, only NaNs.
    Changes new in version 1.6.1
    jLab is now on GitHub at https://github.com/jonathanlilly/jLab.
    Changes and improvements:
    WAVETRANS now supports parallelization.
    LINECOLOR bugfix for colormaps of lengths different from 64.
    CELLFIRST now also supports a 'last' flag to return the last element.
    YEARFRAC now also returns 'month.fraction' in additon to 'year.fraction.'
    CELLGRID and CELLFILL bugfixes for time series of length one or zero.
    SAMPLETIMES bugfix for time series of length one.
    SPHEREDIST bugfix for row vectors input.
    TOPOPLOT bugfix for vector of depth contours input.
    Changes new in version 1.6
    New datasets:
    about_ibcao - International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean topography.
    New functions:
    jlab_index - Alphabetical index into JLAB and JDATA contents.
    standalone - Create stand-alone version of an m-file, including dependencies.
    yearfrac   - Convert date from 'datenum' format to 'year.fraction'.
    lansey     - The Lansey modification of Cynthia Brewer's "Spectral" colormap.
    celldiv    - Division acting on each element in a cell array.
    cellstrip  - Strips NaN values from the beginnings or ends of cell arrays.
    cellgrid   - Interpolate a cell array of numeric arrays onto a regular grid.
    cellsplit  - Splits cell arrays of numeric arrays at data gaps.
    cellprune  - Removes all empty cells, or cells less than a specified length.
    cellfill   - Fills missing data marked by NaNs in a cell array.
    cellfirst  - Returns the first element of each entry in a cell array.
    Changes and improvements:
    All example figures now echo code to the Matlab command window.
    MATERNCOV, MATERNSPEC, and MATERNOISE extensions and simplifications.
    ABOUT_JTOPO dataset now includes high-latitude topography data from IBCAO.  
    MSPEC, SLEPTAP, and MATERNSPEC now support parallelization.  
    TWODHIST and TWODSTATS are now vastly faster thanks to Matlab's 
        HISTCOUNTS2, available as of release 2015b.
    TWODHIST and TWODSTATS now support parallelization.
    LATLON2UV now supports parallelization.
    CELLCHUNK now supports parallelization.
    CELLCHUNK bugfix for 50% overlap mode. 
    ARESAME now works with cell arrays of numerical arrays.
    CORFREQ is now defined to be positive in the Northern Hemisphere, 
        and negative in the Southern Hemisphere, following convention.
    MSPEC bugfix for periodogram applied to multi-component datasets.
    TOPOPLOT now plots topography underneath other items on the plot.
    MATERNCHOL improved handling of numerical non-positive-definiteness.
    VSWAP now works with cell arrays.  
    ELLIPSEPLOT bugfix for empty index input.
    PATCHCONTOURF bugfix for use with M_MAP.
    Changes new in version 1.5 
    This is a major new release, which includes the following changes:
      --- Compatible with the graphics changes introduced in Matlab R2014b 
      --- Completely new organization with a more modular approach
      --- Many obsolete functions removed and redundancies eliminated
    New functions:
    divgeom        - Geometric decomposition of eddy vorticity flux divergence.
    blurspec       - Returns the blurred and aliased spectrum given the autocovariance.
    findpath       - Returns the full pathname of a directory on the Matlab search path.
    patchcontourf  - Generate filled contours using patches, with specified colors.
    cellchunk      - Converts cell array data into uniform length 'chunks'.
    trajchunk      -  Converts Lagrangian trajectories into chunks based on the Coriolis period.
    cellmean       - Mean value of each element a cell array or set of cell arrays.
    uv2latlon      - Integrates horizontal velocity to give latitude and longitude.
    sig2latlon     - Converts an oscillatory signal to lat/lon displacements.
    fminsearchbnd  - fminsearch, but with bound constraints by transformation. [By J. D'Errico]
    whichdir       - Returns directory name containing file in search path.
    jlab_allhelp   - Displays the help comments for all JLAB modules.
    Improved datasets:
    about_drifters - Modified to include data through June 2014.  Please
       note that the earlier verison of drifters.mat was missing half the 
       data on account of a read error.  The new version corrects this.
    Minor changes and improvements:
    SPHERESORT speed improvements, bug fix, and support for parallel computing.
    READTOPO now works with Smith and Sandwell v. 18.1
    FINDFILES now optionally searches directories recurvisely. 
    PACKBOTH, PACKROWS, and PACKCOLS are now combined into PACKFIG.
    JLAB_MAKEFIGS is now one file that makes figures for recent published papers. 
    MATERNSPEC bugfix for input parameter arrays of length greater than one.
    FLOATREGION now rejects individual trajectory segements outside of region.
    CELLPLOT fixed minor bug in which CELLPLOT did not plot the first point.
    TWOSPECPLOT no longer opens a new figure window by default.
    RIDGEWALK now outputs ridges in a cell array, with one ridge per cell.  
    DISCRETECOLORBAR, JLAB_MAKEFIGS, and sample figures modified to work 
    with Matlab version R2014b.
    correctly return empty arrays, or empty cell arrays, given empty input.
    extended to accommodate non-unit sample rates.
    Removed a large number of obsolete functions; consolidated many others.
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information 
    (C) 2002--2019 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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