jWavelet is a module of jLab.

  jWavelet: Continuous wavelet analysis using generalized Morse wavelets
  Top-level wavelet transform functions
    wavetrans    - Continuous wavelet transform.
    morsewave    - Generalized Morse wavelets of Olhede and Walden (2002).              
    morsespace   - Logarithmically-spaced frequencies for generalized Morse wavelets.   
    wavespecplot - Plot of wavelet spectra together with time series.
    spheretrans  - Wavelet transform for oscillations on the surface of a sphere.
  Details of generalized Morse wavelets 
    morsearea   - Time-frequency concentration area of Morse wavelets. [with F. Rekibi]
    morsebox    - Heisenberg time-frequency box for generalized Morse wavelets.        
    morsefreq   - Frequency measures for generalized Morse wavelets. [with F. Rekibi]  
    morseprops  - Properties of the demodulated generalized Morse wavelets.            
    morsexpand  - Generalized Morse wavelets via time-domain Taylor series.
    morsederiv  - Frequency-domain derivatives of generalized Morse wavelets.
  Element analysis using generalized Morse wavelets
    transmax     - Locates modulus maximum points of wavelet transform.
    transmaxdist - Distributions of wavelet transform maxima in noise.
    morseregion  - Generalized Morse wavelet time-frequency concentration region.
    isomax       - Returns those transform maxima that are isolated from others.
    maxprops     - Returns properties of wavelet transform maxima.
    max2eddy     - Converts transform maxima into oceanic coherent eddy properties.
  Low-level functions
    morseafun  - Returns the generalized Morse wavelet amplitude or a-function.                 
    morsehigh  - High-frequency cutoff of the generalized Morse wavelets.
    morseproj  - Projection coefficient for two generalized Morse wavelets.           
    morsemom   - Frequency-domain moments of generalized Morse wavelets. 
    jdawson    - The Dawson function. [By P.J. Acklam]          
  Morlet wavelet 
    morlwave   - Morlet wavelet.                                                      
    morlfreq   - Compute Morlet wavelet carrier frequency given peak frequency.   
  See also jRidges, jSpectral, jEllipse.

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