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   jLab v1.7.2 by J. M. Lilly
   A data analysis toolbox for Matlab, including routines for big data
   analysis, signal processing, mapping, and oceanographic applications.
   Requires Matlab version 2017a or later. 
   Homepage: http://www.jmlilly.net/jmlsoft.html
   GitHub: https://github.com/jonathanlilly/jLab
  General purpose modules
    jCommon -  Useful general-purpose functions, common to other JLAB modules
    jGraph  -  Plotting tools and refinements for making high-quality figures
    jCell   -  Tools for operating on cell arrays of column vectors
    jVarfun -  Perform common operations on multiple variables simultaneously
    jSphere -  Tools for latitude, longitude, and spherical geometry
  Statistical analysis and mapping
    jStats -  Fast statistical analysis of large datasets in two dimensions
    jMap   -  Mapping scattered data using local polynomial fitting
  Signal analysis
    jSpectral - Multitaper spectral analysis, and other time series tools
    jWavelet  - Continuous wavelet analysis using generalized Morse wavelets
    jRidges   - Wavelet ridge analysis of modulated oscillatory signals
    jEllipse  - Analysis of modulated elliptical, or bivariate, signals
    jMatern   - Parametric spectral analysis based on the Matern process
  Oceanography-specific tools and data
    jData    - Oceanographic datasets included with JLAB-FULL distribution
    jOceans  - Oceanography-specific data and model analysis tools
  Administrative M-files
    jlab_install    - Instructions for installing JLAB.
    jlab_license    - License statement and permissions for JLAB package.
    jlab_highlights - Introduction to some of the most useful routines.
    jlab_index      - Alphabetical index into JLAB and JDATA contents.
    jlab_allhelp    - Displays the help comments for all JLAB modules.  
    jlab_changes    - Changes to JLAB in each release.
    jlab_thanks     - Sources of support for developing this software.     
    jlab_makefigs   - Makes figures for papers by J.M. Lilly.            
  Send comments, questions, and bug reports to "eponym@jmlilly.net".

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