MORSEFREQ is the jWavelet module of jLab.

 MORSEFREQ  Frequency measures for generalized Morse wavelets. [with F. Rekibi]
    [FM,FE,FI]=MORSEFREQ(GAMMA,BETA) calculates three different measures of
    the frequency of the lowest-order generalized Morse wavelet specified 
    by parameters GAMMA and BETA.
    FM is the modal or peak, FE is the "energy" frequency, and FI is the 
    instantaneous frequency at the wavelet center.
    [FM,FE,FI,CF]=MORSEFREQ(GAMMA,BETA) also computes the curvature CF of 
    the instantaneous frequency at the wavelet center. 
    Note that all frequency quantities here are *radian* as in cos(omega t)
    and not cyclic as in cos(2 pi f t).
    The input parameters must either be matrices of the same size,
    or some may be matrices and the others scalars.   
    For BETA=0, the "wavelet" becomes an analytic lowpass filter, and FM 
    is not defined in the usual way.  Instead, FM is defined as the point
    at which the filter has decayed to one-half of its peak power. 
    For details see
        Lilly and Olhede (2009).  Higher-order properties of analytic 
            wavelets.  IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc., 57 (1), 146--160.
    Usage: fm = morsefreq(ga,be);
           [fm,fe,fi] = morsefreq(ga,be);  
           [fm,fe,fi,cf] = morsefreq(ga,be);  
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2004--2016 J. M. Lilly and F. Rekibi
                          --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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