ISOMAX is the jWavelet module of jLab.

  ISOMAX  Returns those transform maxima that are isolated from others.
    This function is part of 'element analysis' described in Lilly (2017), 
    "Element analysis: a wavelet-based method for analyzing time-localized
    events in noisy time series", available at
    array is true for transform maxima that are isolated from other maxima.
    SIZ is the original size of the wavelet transform array, while the 
    index into maxima locations INDEX, transform values WW, and transform
    frequencies FF, are all as computed by TRANSMAX. 
    ISOMAX returns a boolean array BOOL that is true for those maxima that 
    are isolated at level LAMBDA.  The maxima are interpreted as being from  
    the transform *of* a (MU,GAMMA) wavelet *with* a (BETA,GAMMA) wavelet.
    Specifically, LAMBDA defines a contour around a transform maxima at 
    which the transform modulus is expected to have decayed to a fraction
    LAMBDA of its peak value.  A maxima is 'isolated' if it is larger in 
    magnitude that all other points encompassed that region of influence.
    Note that if the third or fourth element of SIZ is greater than one, 
    this indicates a set of original time series organized as a 2D or 3D 
    array respectively, according to the WAVETRANS convention.  In this 
    case the isolation criterion is applied only to events from the same 
    time series; the extra dimensions are simply looped over.  
    [BOOL,Z]=ISOMAX(...) also returns a matrix Z with LENGTH(INDEX) columns
    containing the regions of influence T+1i*F surrounding all of the input
    maxima.  One may then use 'plot(z)' to plot these regions.   
    ISOMAX(...,'parallel') optionally uses a PARFOR loop when computing the
    regions of influence, which can be useful for large datasets.
    Usage: bool=isomax(siz,index,ww,ff,gamma,beta,mu,lambda);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2017 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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