jEllipse is a module of jLab.

  jEllipse:  Analysis of modulated elliptical, or bivariate, signals
   Elliptical signal properties
    ellband    - Bandwidth of modulated elliptical signals in two or three dimensions. 
    ellparams  - Ellipse parameters of a modulated bivariate or trivariate oscillation.
    ellvel     - Average and instantaneous ellipse velocities.    
    ellrad     - Average and instantaneous ellipse radius.  
    ellpol     - Polarization parameters of an elliptical signal.
   Elliptical signal generation and conversions
    ellsig     - Creates a modulated elliptical signal in two or three dimensions.     
    sig2latlon - Converts an oscillatory signal to lat/lon displacements.  
    elldiff    - Differentiation of modulated elliptical signals.    
   Plotting tools
    ellcurves   - Returns curves corresponding to specified ellipse properties.         
    ellipseplot - Plot ellipses.
   Basic ellipse properties 
    ab2kl      - Converts A and B to ellipse parameters Kappa and Lambda.              
    kl2ab      - Converts ellipse parameters Kappa and Lambda to A and B.              
    ecconv     - Converts between eccentricity measures.          
    ellrossby  - Ellipse Rossby number, for oceanographic applications.                
   See also jRidges, jSpectral, jWavelet.

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