ELLCURVES is the jEllipse module of jLab.

 ELLCURVES  Returns curves corresponding to specified ellipse properties.
    For direct plotting of ellipses, see ELLPLOT, which calls ELLCURVES.
    ZC=ELLCURVES(KAPPA,LAMBDA,THETA,ZRES) returns complex-valued curves ZC
    tracing out the periphery of ellipses with amplitude KAPPA, linearity 
    LAMBDA, and orientation THETA, located at complex positions ZRES.
    All input arguments are arrays of the same length, say N.  By default,  
    ZC is calculated at 32 locations around the periphery.  Thus ZC will be
    a complex-valued matrix with 32 rows and N columns. 
    [XC,YC]=ELLCURVES(...) alternately returns the real and imaginary parts
    of ZC, corresponding to the X- and Y- components of the ellipses.
    ELLCURVES(KAPPA,LAMBDA,THETA,PHI,ZRES) with five input arguments begins 
    each ellipse at phase PHI.  For most applications, the starting phase
    does not matter.  The default value is to begin with a phase of zero. 
    ELLCURVES(... ,'npoints',M) uses M points around the ellipse periphery.
    ELLCURVES(... ,'aspect',AR) with AR=[XAR YAR] multiplies the X-signal 
    and Y-signal by XAR and YAR, respectively, for plotting purposes. 
    ELLCURVES is called by ELLPLOT, and is also useful in applications,
    e.g. analysis of model fields within elliptical contours.
    The curves can be plotted with PLOT(ZC).
    Usage: zc=ellcurves(kappa,lambda,theta,zres);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2014--2018 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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