SAMPLETIMES is the jSpectral module of jLab.

 SAMPLETIMES  Computes mean sampling intervals and their statistics.
    DT=SAMPLETIMES(NUM) where NUM is a column vector of times, returns the 
    mean interval between sample times DT.
    [DT,SIGDT,MEDDT,MAXDT]=SAMPLETIMES(NUM) also returns the standard 
    deviation of sample intervals SIGDT, the median sample interval MEDDT,
    and the maximum sample interval MAXDT.
    IF NUM is a cell array of numerical arrays, the output of SAMPLETIMES
    will be arrays of size LENGTH(NUM) x 1.
    SAMPLETIMES(NUM,'parallel') parallelizes the computation using a PARFOR 
    loop.  This requires that Matlab's Parallel Computing Toolbox be 
    installed, and is useful for very large datasets.
    Usage: dt=sampletimes(num); 
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2014--2015 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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