TOPOPLOT is the jOceans module of jLab.

 TOPOPLOT  Plot regional or global topography at one-sixth degree resolution.
    TOPOPLOT with no input arguments makes a plot of the earth's topography
    within the axis of the current plot, with continents shown in black. 
    Calling 'topoplot gray' plots the continents in gray instead of black.
    Additionally 'topoplot shelves' plots the continents in black and also
    the continental shelves at a depth of 500~m in gray.
    If the current plot is empty, TOPOPLOT uses the domain -180 to 180 
    degrees in longitude, and -80.666 to 80.666 degrees in latitude.
    These two options use PATCHCONTOURF, which does nheot use the current 
    colormap and so allow one to allow plot a colored field in addition to
    the topography.  The remaining options use CONTOURF.
    The patches will be set to have negative ZData, in order to appear 
    below other items on the plot.
    TOPOPLOT(REGION,V) makes a filled contour plot of the earth's surface
    topography within a region specified by REGION, at contour intervals V.   
    REGION is an array with the format [WEST EAST SOUTH NORTH]. Longitudes 
    may either be specified on the interval [-180, 180] or on [0, 360].
    V is an array of contour levels, in kilometers, with positive values 
    for heights above sea level and negative values for below sea level.
    By default, TOPOPLOT uses a flipped grayscale colormap, with high
    elevations colored dark gray, and low elevations colored light gray.
    TOPOPLOT uses CONTOURF with the contours themselves not shown. 
    TOPOPLOT uses the one-sixth degree resolution topography file JTOPO.MAT
    included with JLAB, based on the Smith and Sandwell dataset.  The 
    latitude range +/- 80.666 is covered. Type 'help jtopo' for details. 
    TOPOPLOT(REGION) with V unspecified uses V=[0 -1/2 -1], showing the
    continents in black and the contintental shelf at 500 m depth in gray.
    To plot the continents in black, use TOPOPLOT(REGION,[-1/2 0]).
    TOPOPLOT([],V) sets REGION to the axis limits of the current plot.
    Additional options
    TOPOPLOT(REGION,V,VC) additionally draws the individual contour levels
    in VC, with the color shading still based on the array V.
    TOPOPLOT(REGION,[],VC) draws only the contours in VC, with no shading.
    By default, these will be drawn as heavy white lines.
    TOPOPLOT(REGION,V,VC,STY) uses linestyle STY for the individual contour
    levels.  STY is in LINESTYLE form, e.g. STY='2g--'.
    [H,HC]=TOPOPLOT(REGION,V,VC) returns the handles to the contours
    corresponding to levels V and VC, respectively.
    TOPOPLOT(...,'M_MAP') will work with Rich Pawlowicz's M_MAP package by
    calling M_CONTOUR and M_CONTOURF.
    'topoplot --f' generates the above sample figures and some others.
    Usage: topoplot(region,v);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2013--2016 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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