LINESTYLE is the jGraph module of jLab.

 LINESTYLE  Rapidly set color, style, and width properties of lines.
    LINESTYLE provides an efficient way to set common properties of large
    groups of lines, and allows the user to quickly apply predefined sets 
    of line colors, styles, and widths designed for different purposes.
    'LINESTYLE 1k-- 2.5g- m-.' sets the first line to width 1, color black,
    and dashed style; the second to width 2.5, color green, and solid 
    style; and the third to width 1, color magenta, and dash-dotted style.
    LINESTYLE's color options supports grayscale colors, denoted by capital
    letters A--K, with A being white and K being black.  
    Also, the new Matlab colors are denoted by the letters T through Z.
    LINESTYLE supports a number of predefined formats. Type LINESTYLE with
    no arguments to see a list of current style sets. 
    In general the format is 
        LINESTYLE STR1 STR2 STR3 ...   
    where each of the STRs may contain a number, specifying the width of 
    the Ith line; a letter, for the color; and a style string.  Any two of
    these are optional, with a unit width solid black line as the default.
    By default, styles are looped if the number of STRs input is less than
    the number of lines in the current plot. The input
        LINESTYLE STR1 STR2 ... STRN +++
    causes the last style input, STRN, to be repeated instead.      
    Note that LINESTYLE will set styles for both lines as well as patch
    edges.  This is usually the desired behavior, as contours from CONTOUR
    are actually patches.  If this is not what is desired, call LINESTYLE
    with the explicit handle specification below, or else add contour plots
    to the current plot after calling LINESTYLE.
    Locking and unlocking 
    LINESYTLE LOCK and LINESTYLE UNLOCK lock and unlock all axes in the 
    current figure.  When LOCK is on, calls to LINESTYLE or LINERING are 
    applied to all lines in the current figure.
    Handle specification
    LINESTYLE -H HAN STR1 STR2 .... applies the formatting only to the line
    handles contained in handle array HAN.
    LINESTYLE(HAN,STR) also works.
    HAN may also be the handle to a group of contours.
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2000--2016 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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