jGraph is a module of jLab.

  jGraph:  Plotting tools and refinements for making high-quality figures
  High-level graphical post-processing
    fixlabels    - Specify precision of axes labels. 
    fontsize     - Rapidly set title, axes, label, and text fontsizes.              
    letterlabels - For automatically putting letter labels on subplots.           
    linecolor    - Set line colors based on a property value within a colormap.                    
    linestyle    - Rapidly set color, style, and width properties of lines.
    linering     - Moves lines through the current line style order. 
    packfig      - Squeeze together rows and/or columns of the current figure. 
   Oceanography-specific plotting tools
    hodograph  - Generate hodograph plots (simple and fancy).                                   
    provec     - Generate progressive vector diagrams (simple and fancy).             
    stickvect  - Plots "stick vectors" for multicomponent velocity time series.  
  Modified plotting functions
    discretecolorbar - Plots a colorbar with discrete variation.  
    jpcolor          - Modified version of PCOLOR appropriate for cell-centered grids.  
    patchcontourf    - Generate filled contours using patches, with specified colors.
    uvplot           - Plots the real and imaginary parts of a signal on the same axis.
  Figure tweaking
    jfig       - Shorthand for tweaking figures.   
    dlines     - Add diagonal lines to a plot.  
    hlines     - Add horizontal lines to a plot.                                  
    vlines     - Add vertical lines to a plot.   
    nocontours - Removes contours from a CONTOURF plot.                           
    noxlabels  - Remove some or all x-axis tick mark labels.                      
    noylabels  - Remove some or all y-axis tick mark labels. 
    xoffset    - Offsets lines in the x-direction after plotting.       
    yoffset    - Offsets lines in the y-direction after plotting.                 
    xtick      - Sets locations of x-axis tick marks.                             
    ytick      - Sets locations of y-axis tick marks.                             
    ztick      - Sets locations of z-axis tick marks.
  Color and colormaps
    colorquant  - Sets the color axis according to quantiles of the data.
    lansey      - The Lansey modification of Cynthia Brewer's "Spectral" colormap.
    haxby       - The Haxby colormap.
    seminfhaxby - The seminf-Haxby colormap.
    jprint     - Print to a specified directory and crop the resulting file.
    printall   - Print and close all open figures.
  Graphics aliases
    boxoff     - Sets 'box' property to 'off'.                                    
    boxon      - Sets 'box' property to 'on'.                                                                  
    flipmap    - Flips the current colormap upside-down.                          
    flipx      - Flips the direction of the x-axis                                
    flipy      - Flips the direction of the y-axis    
    inticks    - Sets the 'tickdir' property of the current axis to 'in'.
    outticks   - Sets the 'tickdir' property of the current axis to 'out'.         
    xlin       - Sets x-axis scale to linear.                                      
    xlog       - Sets x-axis scale to logarithm.                                 
    ylin       - Sets y-axis scale to linear.                                      
    ylog       - Sets y-axis scale to log.        
  Low-level or specialized functions
    axeshandles - Returns handles to all axes children.
    crop        - Gets rid of whitespace around an image. [by A. Bliss]             
    linehandles - Finds all line and patch handles from a given set of axes.
    linestyleparse - Parses the input string to LINESTYLE.
    gulf4plot     - A four-panel circulation plot for the Gulf of Mexico.

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