CELLPLOT is the jCell module of jLab.

 CELLPLOT  Rapidly plot all elements of a cell array of numeric arrays.
    CELLPLOT(X) where X is a cell array containing N arrays,
        X{1}=X1, X{2}=X2,..., X{N}=XN
    is the same as 
       PLOT(X1), PLOT(X2),..., PLOT(XN).
    However, CELLPLOT is vastly quicker than the obvious loop and also has
    some handy features, as described below.
    CELLPLOT(X,Y), where X and Y are both cell arrays of N arrays, performs
       PLOT(X1,Y1), PLOT(X1,Y1),..., PLOT(XN,YN).
    H=CELLPLOT(...) returns the handle to the plots.  
    CELLPLOT is compatible with the M_MAP toolbox, as described below.%
    CELLPLOT(X) or CELLPLOT(X,Y) still works if X and Y are not cell 
    arrays, but are vectors or matrices.  This is useful in accessing the 
    additional options described below. 
    Additional options
    CELLPLOT(...,STY) uses the linestyle specified by STY.  STY is a
    string following the format in LINESTYLE, e.g. STY='2b g r--'. 
    CELLPLOT(...,'M_MAP') will work with Rich Pawlowicz's M_MAP 
    package by calling M_PLOT.  
    CELLPLOT(...,INDEX) only plots the elements of the cell array 
    indicated by index.
    The string arguments and INDEX can be combined provided they are 
    after the one or two input cell array variables.
    CELLPLOT on the sphere
    When plotting data on the sphere, there is an annoying wrap-around
    effect when the data crosses the dateline at longitude 180.  This
    leads to lines extending all the way across the plot.
    CELLPLOT(LONO,LON,LAT) where LONO is the value of a cutoff longitude
    uses LONO as the right-hand-edge of the plot, and LONO-360 as the 
    left-hand-edge, with no wraparound effects.  
    This works together also with the 'm_map' option.  In this case LONO 
    should be between -180 and 180, and one must set the maximum longitude
    in M_MAP to LONO. For a global plot, this means one will call M_PROJ as
          M_PROJ(...,'longitudes',[LONO-360 LONO],...).
    If you run CELLPLOT with M_MAP and data doesn't show up, make sure 
    the longitudes have been set correctly.
    See also LINESTYLE.
    Usage: cellplot(x)
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2008--2016 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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