jOceans is a module of jLab.

  jOceans:  Oceanography-specific data and model analysis tools
  Conversions for Lagrangian trajectories
    latlon2uv   - Converts latitude and longitude to horizontal velocity.  
    uv2latlon   - Integrates horizontal velocity to give latitude and longitude.  
  Manipulating Lagrangian trajectories [see also jCell]
    trajextract - Extracts Lagrangian trajectory segments within given region.        
    trajunwrap  - Unwraps Lagrangian trajectories from a periodic domain.              
    trajwrap    - Wraps Lagrangian trajectories to fit within a periodic domain.       
    trajchunk   - Converts cell array data into chunks based on the Coriolis period.
  Idealized numerical model tools
    psi2fields   - Velocity and other fields from the streamfunction. [with P.E. Isachsen]    
    periodize    - Returns a doubly periodic version of an input array.   
  Eulerian eddy identification and analysis
    inellipse    - Locates points on the interior of ellipses.                          
    closedcurves - Locate and interpolate closed curves in a possibly periodic domain.
    curvemoments - Centroid, area, and many other moments of a closed curve.          
    divgeom      - Geometric decomposition of eddy vorticity flux divergence.     
  Plotting tools for mooring data
    hodograph  - Generate hodograph plots (simple and fancy).                                   
    provec     - Generate progressive vector diagrams (simple and fancy).             
    stickvect  - Plots "stick vectors" for multicomponent velocity time series. 
  Alongtrack altimetry tools
    trackextract  - Extracts alongtrack altimetry segments within given region.
  NetCDF tools
    ncinterp      - Interpolate field from NetCDF file onto specified positions.
  Topography tools and data
    jtopo.mat   - One-sixth degree global topography, from Smith and Sandwell + IBCAO.              
    topoplot    - Plot regional or global topography at one-sixth degree resolution.
   See also jData.

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