TRACKEXTRACT is the jOceans module of jLab.

 TRACKEXTRACT  Extracts alongtrack altimetry segments within given region.
    TRACKEXTRACT is designed to extract alongtrack altimeter data from 
    the file TPJAOS.MAT within a specified latigude and longitude region. 
    See ABOUT_TPJAOS for more details on that dataset.
    [LAT,LON]=TRACKEXTRACT(LAT,LON,REGION) where the input LAT and LON are
    matrices of latitude and longitude, outputs the sub-matrices LAT and 
    LON that are contained entirely within REGION.
    REGION is an array with the format [WEST EAST SOUTH NORTH]. Longitudes 
    may either be specified on the interval [-180, 180] or on [0, 360].
    Locations of the input LAT and LON within REGION are found on a column-
    by-column basis.  Those columns having data within the region are
    included in the output LAT and LON, while the others are excluded.  
    The columns of the output are padded with NaNs at their trailing end
    to make them all the same length.  Their length is such that the column
    having the most number of data points in REGION will contain no NaNs.
    TRACKEXTRACT with no output arguments overwrites the original named
    output variables. 
    Additional input arguments
    with its first two dimensions matching the input LAT and LON, also
    extracts the corresponding portions of this array.  
    In this case, the output SSH will have the same number of rows and 
    columns as the output LAT and LON, and the same number of "pages" or 
    elements in the third dimension as the input SSH.    
    multiple input arguments also works.
    Composite regions
    REGION is passed directly to the function INREGION.  Thus, REGION can
    also be a cell array built up from several region boxes.  See INREGION
    for more details on this option.
    Specifying length cutoff
    [LAT,LON,...]=TRACKEXTRACT(LAT,LON,,...,REGION,LMIN) only returns those 
    track segments containing LMIN or more points. The default is LMIN=0.
    'trackextract --f' generates a sample figure for the Labrador Sea.  
    Usage: [lat,lon]=trackextract(lat,lon,region);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2015--2016 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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