jdata is a module of jLab.

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  jData: Oceanographic datasets included with JLAB-FULL distribution
    tpjaos     - Sea surface height anomalies from the Beckley merged dataset.
                    Type 'about_tpjaos' for a description.
    drifters   - Global surface drifter dataset from the Global Drifter Program. 
                    Type 'about_drifters' for a description.
    floats     - Historical dataset of eddy-resolving subsurface floats.    
                    Type 'about_floats' for a description.
    sandwell   - One minute resolution topography data from Smith and Sandwell. 
                    Type 'about_sandwell' for a description.
    ibcao      - International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean topography.
                    Type 'about_ibcao' for a description.
  Each of these datasets comes in both a mat-file and a NetCDF version.
  Other files
    topo_19.1.img - One minute global topography.  See READTOPO for details.
  See also about_jtopo.

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