CORFREQ is the jSphere module of jLab.

 CORFREQ  Coriolis frequency in radians per hour.
    FC=CORFREQ(LAT) returns the Coliolis frequency at latitude LAT in
    *radians* per hour.  FC is positive in the Northern Hemisphere and
    negative in the Southern Hemisphere. 
    The input argument LAT may also be a cell array of numeric arrays.  In 
    this case FC will also be a cell array of the same size.
    'corfreq --t' runs a test.
    Usage: fc=corfreq(lat);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2008--2015 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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