jCommon is a module of jLab.

  jCommon:  Useful general-purpose functions, common to other JLAB modules
  Array functions
    aresame    - Test whether two N-D arrays are the same.                        
    arrayify   - Converts a set of scalars or arrays into column arrays.            
    blocklen   - Counts the lengths of 'blocks' in an array.                        
    blocknum   - Numbers the contiguous blocks of an array.   
    lnsd       - Last non-singleton dimension of an array.                          
    matmult    - Matrix multiplication for arrays of matrices.                      
    nonnan     - Return all non-NAN elements of an array.                           
    vectmult   - Matrix multiplication for arrays of vectors.    
  File and directory tools
    ncload       - Load all variables from a NetCDF file and unpack any columns.
    commentlines - Returns the comment lines from m-files.                          
    findfiles    - Returns all files in a directory with a specified extension.       
    findpath     - Returns the full pathname of a directory on the Matlab search path.
    jhelp        - Opens linked JLAB help files in Matlab's internal web browser.     
    whichdir     - Returns directory name containing file in search path.             
    standalone   - Create stand-alone version of an m-file, including dependencies.
  Mathematical aliases
    choose     - Binomial coefficient: CHOOSE(N,K) =  N!K!/(N-K)!
    frac       - Fraction: FRAC(A,B)=A./B                                                    
    imlog      - Imaginary part of log: IMLOG(X)=UNWRAP(IMAG(LOG(X)))                                      
    iseven     - True for even integer values; false otherwise.                     
    isodd      - True for odd integer values; false otherwise. 
    oprod      - Outer product:  OPROD(X,Y)=X*CONJ(Y')                              
    res        - Residual after flooring:  RES(X)=X-FLOOR(X)                        
    rot        - Complex-valued rotation:  ROT(X)=EXP(SQRT(-1)*X)  
    squared    - Squares the modulus of its argument:  SQUARED(X)=ABS(X).^2
  Matrices, polynomials, and special functions
    jmat2      - 2x2 rotation matrix through specified angle.                       
    jmat3      - 3x3 rotation matrix through specified angle.  
    tmat       - 2x2 complex grouping matrix.  TMAT = [1  i; 1 -i] / SQRT(2)
    bellpoly   - Complete Bell polynomials.  
    hermpoly   - Hermite polynomials. [with F. Rekibi]   
    hermfun    - Orthonormal Hermite functions. [with F. Rekibi]   
    chisquared - The chi-squared distribution.
  Dataset organization as structures
    make        - Create a structure containing named variables as fields.  
    matsave     - Create and save structure of variables as a mat-file. 
    use         - Copies structure fields into named variables in workspace.         
    catstruct   - Concatenates the array elements of a cell array of structures.
    structindex - Applies an index to all array-valued fields in a structure.
    cum2mom   - Convert cumulants to moments.    
    mom2cum   - Convert moments to cumulants.                                      
    pdfprops  - Mean and variance associated with a probability distribution.  
    simplepdf - Gaussian, uniform, Cauchy, and exponential pdfs.                   
  Filling bad data points
    fillbad    - Linearly interpolate over bad data points.  
  Date, time, and units
    yearfrac    - Converts a DATENUM into 'year.fraction' and 'month.fraction'.
    cms2kmd     - Converts centimeters per second to kilometers per day.

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