XY2LATLON is the jSphere module of jLab.

  XY2LATLON  Converts tangent plane coordinates into latitude and longitude.
    [LAT,LON]=XY2LATLON(X,Y,LATO,LONO) converts (X,Y) position with units 
    of kilometers, specifying a location in a plane tangent to the earth 
    at the point (LATO,LONO), into latitude and longitude locations.  
    LONO may each either be specified on the interval [-180, 180] or on the
    interval [0, 360].  Output longitudes LON are defined to be within the
    interval [-180, 180].
    LAT and LON may be computed with either the full spherical geometry,
    the default, or using a small angle approximation.  To specify the
    small angle approximation use XY2LATLON(...,'small').
    LAT and LON are defined to be NAN for points with SQRT(X^2+Y^2)
    exceeding the radius of the earth.
    XY2LATLON(CX,LATO,LONO) with three input arguments, where CX is the 
    complex-valued displacement CX=X+SQRT(-1)*Y, also works
    The radius of the earth is given by the function RADEARTH.
    Cell array input / output
    XY2LATLON returns cell array output given cell array input.  
    That is, if the input arguments are all cell arrays of length K, 
    containing K different numerical arrays, then the output will also be 
    cell arrays of length K.  
    This also works if X and Y, or alternatively CX, are cell arrays but 
    LATO and LONO are scalars.
    XY2LATLON is inverted by LATLON2XY.
    See also LATLON2XY, LATLON2UV.
    Usage:  [lat,lon]=xy2latlon(x,y,lato,lono);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2005--2018 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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