RIDGEINTERP is the jRidges module of jLab.

  RIDGEINTERP  Interpolate quantity values onto ridge locations.
    RIDGEINTERP is a low-level function called by RIDGEWALK.
    XI=RIDGEINTERP(FS,RQ,IR,JR,X) where RQ is a "ridge quantity" at
    *radian* frequencies FS, and IR and JR are time and scale indices of 
    ridges, interpolates quantity X along the ridge locations to give XI.
    IR and JR give indices into the first two dimensions of X.  The output
    XI has the the same number of rows and columns as IR and JR, that is,
    SIZE(XI,1)=SIZE(IR,1) and SIZE(XI,2)=SIZE(IR,2).  The locations of 
    NANs in IR and JR are duplicated in XI. 
    X may have more than one 'page' along its third dimension, in which 
    case each page is interpolated separately, and SIZE(XI,3)=SIZE(X,3). 
    RQ is output by ISRIDGEPOINT based on a wavelet transform output by
    WAVETRANS, and IR and JR are output by RIDGEWALK.  
    RIDGEINTERP interpolates transform values between discrete frequency 
    levels to find a more precise value of the transform along the ridges
    than simply looking up the values of X at rows IR and columns JR.  
    XI=RIDGEINTERP(FS,RQ,IR,JR,MU,X) interprets the ridges as belonging
    to the MU-th derivative of the signal to which the quantity X belongs
    and applies an appropriate correction factor. 
    [XI1,XI2,...,XIN]=RIDGEINTERP(FS,RQ,IR,JR,X1,X2,...,XN) also 
    interpolates the quantities X1,X2,...,XN, all having the same number of 
    rows and columns as IR and JR.
    RIDGEINTERP uses fast quadratic interpolation via QUADINTERP.  In rare
    cases, quadratic interpolation fails for an individual point and 
    therefore linear interpolation is used instead.
    RIDGEINTERP is a low-level function called by RIDGEWALK.
    Usage:  xi=ridgeinterp(rq,ir,jr,x);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2005--2019 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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